2017 Strategic Plan

The purpose of the NAMI Jacksonville 2017 Strategic Plan is to set priorities, focus energy and resources, and strengthen operations in order to achieve our Mission.  The highlights of the plan are a set of specific goals to achieve in 2017.  These are:

  • Conduct three Family to Family courses.
  • Train four additional Family to Family instructors.
  • Conduct two Peer to Peer courses.
  • Train four additional NAMI Connection facilitators.
  • Maintain three Family Support Groups in Jacksonville and one in Orange Park.
  • Maintain two NAMI Connection Support Groups; one in Jacksonville and one in Orange Park.
  • Conduct six Ending The Silence presentations.
  • Train 12 Ending The Silence new presenters.
  • Conduct six Lunch and Learn presentations.
  • Fully deploy the NAMI Jacksonville Strategic Planning Process.
  • Establish a cloud based capability to permit collaborative work on projects and digital storage of important documents such as bylaws, budget, continuity books, etc.

View the complete plan here - NAMI JAX 2017 STRAT PLAN v2.4