Annihilate Review – #1 Powerful Plant Anabolic Steroid ?

Is Annihilate a plant anabolic supplement ? This Annihilate review will make all of your doubts clear. This is all about my personal experience of how Annihilate helped me to grow my muscle mass.

It is no longer news that body building supplements have become a normal part of the fitness plan for anyone who wants to achieve a remarkable improvement in his or her physique.

Annihilate is one of the compounds which I have recently tried and I really wanted to review it, therefore writing it today.

Annihilate has been touted as the strongest legal steroid in the market. Many users already claim that Annihilate gives sensational results.

You would notice huge gains in lean muscle mass, while also keeping your hormonal system in good shape. Also, since it works differently from regular prohormones or SARMs, it is worth exploring.

I would cover everything about the natural compound Annihilate. I would also be sharing some of my experiences with you.

Hopefully, it would give you a better perspective on usage. Let’s start off !

Annihilate lean muscle mass

Annihilate is from a Netherlands based company known as Huge Supplements. Other compounds manufactured includes Rebirth PCT and many more.

Of course, the company claims that it is the “best laxogenin supplement in the market.” The main ingredient is 5 alpha-hydroxy-Laxogenin (Laxosterone), which is a plant anabolic.

Studies have shown that Laxogenin increases protein synthesis, thus making your body able to build muscle faster.

Recent clinical studies have shown that Laxogenin has other potential anabolic effects. This has made it one of the most popular supplements for gaining muscle.

It’s even considered to be a safer alternative to steroids and prohormones. After lots of users said all these cool stuff about it, I decided to try it out for myself.

How Annihilate Works ?

Unlike the prohormones and SARM, Annihilate works in a different way. It is a  brassinosteroid.

Brassinosteroids are structurally similar to animal cholesterol-derived steroids and they promote growth. This product basically prevents your body from converting the excess testosterone to estrogen, while also lowering your natural testosterone levels.

With Laxogenin, you can get up to 200% increase in protein synthesis alongside nitrogen retention in your body. This significant rise in protein and nitrogen levels now serves as the basis for a sculpted and solid muscle growth.

For me, all these claims proved to be true to a great extent since I was able to add a couple of pounds during the first weeks of my cycle.

Ingredients Of Annihilate

Annihilate contains 100mg of 5 Alpha-hydroxylogenin predominantly. It contains other ingredients such as rice flour, gelatin, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide, which are in minute quantity per serving.

Annihilate ingredients

5 Alpha-hydroxy laxogenin – 100mg per serving

Laxogenin, is derived from an Asian plant called Smilax Sieboldi, which is similar to asparagus. Its underground stems contain approximately 0.06% laxogenin. Since the ingredient also inhibits cortisol, there is less stress and less belly fat. So far, there has not really been any bad reports. In fact, since Annihilate is cheaper than other products in its category, it has received a huge welcome.

Rice Flour

Rice is a classic bodybuilding food. It is high in carbs and micronutrients that provide you with energy. The ride flour also contains iron, selenium, manganese, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, B-complex vitamins, and other trace minerals that support overall health, wellness and physical fitness.

Annihilate Dosage

annihilate dosage

The manufacturer’s recommendation states that you should take one capsule of Annihilate in the morning and evening just before your meal. For optimal results, I would add that you use it for at least 8 weeks.

You should also bear in mind that the effect of Annihilate would not be felt if you do not have a strict diet or exercise plan.

Your exercise routine should also be spot on. Ensure you also consult your physician before commencing your dosage of Annihilate.

Annihilate Pros & Cons


  • An effective alternative to prohormones: Most supplements affect hormonal levels. Prohormones, SARMS, testosterone boosters and estrogen blockers alike. Laxogenin contained in Annihilate is a natural replacement for prohormones. It imitates their action without the endocrine side effects.
  • It is useful in PCT because it promotes anabolism through a different pathway unlike testosterone boosters.
  • Increased Protein Synthesis: Perhaps you are wondering what protein synthesis has to do with gains. Well, if protein synthesis exceeds protein breakdown, then your muscles will be forced to grow.
  • Fast action: They are ideal for building muscle and strength quickly. You can be sure of an increase in muscle mass and performance by use of this supplement, although the need for a healthy lifestyle and exercise cannot be overemphasized.
  • Value: The price of a bottle is reasonably low when compared to other products in its category.
  • You enjoy elevated endurance level, giving you more time at the gym. This, in turn, boosts your overall confidence and morale. I felt great after each gym session, thanks to Annihilate.
  • It has fewer side effects than prohormones and steroids. Annihilate comes without any severe side effects and gives a great result.
  • Commonly stacked with other supplements like prohormones to amplify their effects.
  • Laxogenin found in Annihilate is also being researched for cancer, diabetes and tissue damage.


  • It is not as effective as steroids.
  • Once you open your delivered product, it cannot be returned.
  • Due to limited research, the available data on its efficacy is limited.

Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Annihilate currently costs $59.95, which is a very good price considering the fact that you don’t get any side effects and you get plenty of health benefits with a natural feeling of muscle gains. It is a win-win situation, in my opinion.

Shipping cost $14.99. However, if you are buying more than 2, shipping is absolutely free. I will advise that you order more than one bottle to save this cost.

A: Annihilate is available for delivery to the U.S, Europe, Canada, Australia, and other parts of the world from their warehouse in the United States. They do not ship to Morocco and Nepal at this time due to business-related reasons. You can visit the official site of Annihilate for more details on delivery.

If you are a buyer in the U.S, your shipment will be received 1 -3 business days while if you are a buyer in the U.K, delivery takes 3- 5 business days. Other parts of the world take about 5- 10 working days.

A bottle contains 60 capsules which should last 30 days at a dosage of 2 capsules per day and 60 days at a dosage of 1 capsule per day.

Although this varies depending on individuals, Testogen should start showing the pleasing results you desire within two weeks provided you are not neglecting your training program, and your diet is also on point.

It is recommended to purchase from the Huge Supplements official website for amazing discounts.

Keep in mind that its effects should become noticeable roughly within 2 to 4 weeks of usage combined with sensible dieting and training. You should notice an increase in strength and recovery in addition.

A good cycle should be 2- 3 months with two capsules a day.

No, you do not need to cycle Annihilate. It can be taken all year round but taking a two-week break after the usage for eight weeks is recommended, so your body doesn’t get used to it.

No. Since it does not affect your hormonal levels, it doesn’t require a post cycle therapy.

Certainly! You can stack annihilate. It is actually advised to do so in order to optimize results. You can stack this product with any other Huge Nutrition supplement. The manufacturer actually advises stacking it with Arachidone, but ensure you to contact your doctor for proper guidance.

Absolutely! Since the active ingredient Laxogenin does not alter natural hormonal balance, it can be taken by both men and women. There isn’t enough data to ascertain if it is safe for pregnant women and weaning mothers so I advice total avoidance for people in such categories.

The Final Verdict

From all indications, Annihilate is a great supplement that could help you reach your goals faster. Several users have successfully used it to help them get closer to their body goals. 

Besides, it is perfect to use with other muscle building supplements. If you want to get it, you could purchase this product online and start enjoying the immense benefits

Annihilate Review

  • Accelerates Muscle Growth
  • Boosts Strength
  • Optimize Muscle Recovery
  • Promotes lean Muscle mass
  • Muscle Hardening
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