Nugenix Reviews – This Is Why I Find This T-Booster As Over Hyped

I have personally tried multiple testosterone boosters over the years. This becomes necessary because of my increasing age and declining natural testosterone levels.

For this very reason, I also consumed Nugenix, free testosterone booster for about six months.

Hence, this write-up is all about my personal experiences and turbulent journey of Nugenix free testosterone booster consumption.

Nugenix was suggested by one of my friend as he got to know that I love to try different health supplements and educate people about the same.

The funny thing was, when I asked him, where did he learn about Nugenix free testosterone booster, he mentioned “TV commercial”.

nugenix testosterone booster

This left me surprised, that most people still believe in whatever they see on television. This made me more interested in this free testosterone booster and find out the truth myself.

Prior to this one, I have also listed some testosterone boosters that worked amazingly well for me. Hence, you may check out these best testosterone boosters and see if can find out Nugenix in the list.

Nugenix, which is also known as a Free Testosterone Booster is an oral drug that could be taken by anyone that is suffering from the condition like low testosterone levels.

According to the manufacturers, it has been clinically approved and works like a charm in boosting the free testosterone levels.

Also, few of the free testosterone lovers claim that they felt stronger in terms of stamina and could notice lean muscle mass development.

A single bottle of Nugenix free testosterone booster contains 90 capsules which could last for a month.

They are produced under the banner of Adaptive Health LLC which has presence in health field in terms of product distribution.

How Nugenix Works ?

The real functionality of Nugenix lies in increasing the levels of free testosterone.

In men, the majority of testosterone is wasted because of the presence of another hormone called SHBG.

SHBG is the hormone which is produced in both men & women. In men, SHBG binds itself with testosterone hence, leaving very little amount of testosterone to be used by your body.

As a result of which, if your testosterone production is normal but still your body is not able to utilize the adequate amount of testosterone, then you are recommended to get a SHBG test done.

If your SHBG tests comes as high, in that case Nugenix could come into picture. As it will stop the binding of free testosterone to the SHBG hormone.

As a result of which, the free testosterone levels would be increased in your body and your body will have adequate levels of testosterone to be used.

In totality, all I can say is, Nugenix has a very constrained working functionality.

For this very reason, if your natural testosterone levels are low, in that case Nugenix will not be able to help you in increasing the natural production of testosterone.

Ingredients - Nugenix

Most of the ingredients that make Nugenix are common. And could be found in other testosterone boosters as well.

It also contains some specific ingredient named as Nugenix free testosterone complex that is patented by the manufacturers that prevents the SHBG to combine with testosterone.

The same is undisclosed as of now.

nugenix ingrdients

  1. Vitamin B-6

    One of the main functionality of vitamin B-6 is that it helps in the conversion of food into energy. Also, it helps in the production of hemoglobin.

    That could result in the better immunity and heart condition and also proper flow of oxygenated blood to different parts of body.

    It also aids mood improvement by stabilizing the hormone levels in the body. Also, reduces the inflammation.

  2. Vitamin B-12

    Replacing the cells in the body is one of the main functionality of this vitamin.

    It is one of the necessary vitamins for the functionality of body. Hence, it is essential substance that our body requires. Hence, addition of Vitamin B12 is one of the factors that promotes the quality testosterone.

  3. Zinc

    Zinc has been used for increasing the immunity levels and increasing the testosterone levels sin men since ages. It also helps with the immune system functionality.

    Also, helps in the better absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals in the body.

  4. Nugenix Free testosterone Complex

    This formation and combination of substances is little shady to say the least. As there are no specific compositions mentioned on the official websites.

    It is just mentioned that, this particular complex consist of L-Citruline Malate, Fenugreek Seed & Tribulus

Who Should Use Nugenix ?

Nugenix needs to be used only by those people who are sure that their natural testosterone levels are fine.

Also, they only need correction with their SHBG levels.

In this case, you can go for a consumption cycle of Nugenix and it might help you in maintaining the free level of testosterone high.

Who Should Skip Nugenix ?

95% of men will belong to this category.

As in most cases, the natural testosterone levels decline as you age.

Hence, you would need a stimulant from the external factors. For that, I would recommend you TestoGen.

TestoGen would help you in gaining the adequate testosterone levels naturally.

As a result you would be able to enjoy your life freely as like you are in your twenties again.

My personal Take - Nugenix

I personally have already tried and tested various testosterone boosters.

Started the consumption on recommendation of my friend without much research.

Hence, personally speaking Nugenix did not work for me at all. Because my natural hormones level were down.

nugenix dissappointed consumption results

As a result of which, Nugenix could not really work for me as it’s functionality does not allow it to produce more testosterone.

It only works with the already present testosterone and prevents it from combining with the SHBG hormone.

My whole consumption cycle was just a waste and I literally wasted my money on the subscription. As I generally order these substances in huge bulk and generally for six months.

Nugenix Side Effects

I consumed Nugenix for a full cycle of six months in the hope of any kind of improvements in my testosterone levels.

But sadly, nothing improved, not even a single notch.

Essentially, Nugenix was just a pill that is of no use to me but still I continued my consumption in the hopes of improvement.

On the other hand, I did not face any side effects due to the consumption.

I can vouch for this one.

My Dosage Details

For the full tenure of six months, I continued with the dosage of standard recommendation.

I personally took 3 capsules per day, this is what is recommended on the official website. Hence, I stuck to that one.

You might think that, if this product was not working for me, why did not I increase my dosage levels ?

 If you think so, let me make you aware of one thing, never ever force your body onto any substance.

Never ever go over the limits of what actually has been prescribed in the official words.

I have tried multiple substances, but never ever over-stepped even once, this is what has saved my body and essential organs.

Nugenix Alternative

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  • Elevates the Libido Levels
  • Improves Stamina
  • Boosts Confidence Levels
  • Fast Paced Natural Results
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