Panax Ginseng – Benefits, Dosage And Side-Effects

What comes in our mind when we talk about fitness supplements? The very first thing which strikes our mind the moment we think of purchasing any health supplement is its composition.

We usually look for supplements made up of natural ingredients because somewhere we believe that natural products are better and safe for our health and body. Nowadays, most of the people have problems with their immune system which further makes them prone to suffer from harmful diseases. Have you heard of Ginseng?

If yes, then you might be aware of its importance. Ginseng is a plant that has fleshy roots and is used as a medicine to treat various health problems.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Panax Ginseng, which a type of Ginseng. We will discuss its benefits, dosage and side effects (if any).

But before that, let us read about the types of Ginseng, especially about Panax ginseng. There are several types of ginseng of which the two main types are American ginseng, also called Panax quinquefolius and Korean ginseng, also known as Panax ginseng.

panax ginseng

We need to study in detail about Panax ginseng. So, Panax ginseng is a naturally occurring plant found in Korea (thus the name Korean ginseng), North-Eastern China.

From a long time, people have been using its root to make medicines. It should be noted that each type of ginseng has its own benefits.

Panax ginseng contains active compounds like ginsenosides or panaxosides, which helps on blood circulation in the body, provides antioxidant protection and reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

There are other benefits of Panax ginseng which will discuss in the next section. 

We saw that what is Panax ginseng, now it is the time to read about the various benefits offered by this supplement.

As discussed above, previously the roots of this plant is utilized for medicinal purposes by many people around the world. But now this is used as a health supplement to come up with fatigue, increase energy level and endurance of the body.

Not only this, but it is also used by people to improve memory and enhance thinking skills. It helps in the treatment of diabetes by lowering the blood sugar level in the body.

It prevents the feeling of tiredness thus allows us to perform workouts for a longer duration. Panax Ginseng can help us in preventing the Flu. Erectile dysfunction in males can be treated using this supplement.

It improves sexual desire and quality of life in both males and females. Therefore, it is used in various male enhancement pills. It helps in the treatment of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) – a condition in which a person faces difficulty in breathing.

Panax ginseng is known to possess certain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation.

It has been seen to help people with Alzheimer’s disease. Its consumption promotes a feeling of calmness in the body. The best part about it is that it helps in boosting our immune system which ensures safety against various harmful diseases.

In some cases, it is observed to treat certain kinds of cancer. Many industries use it to make cosmetics, soaps, etc. Beverage industries use it to add flavour in their drinks.

These were the benefits associated with its use. Scroll down the screen to know its dosage.

Panax Ginseng benefits


In this section, we will see the recommended dosage within which it should be taken to avoid side effects. Panax ginseng extract comes in the form of powder, cream, capsule, and oil.

It can be taken in many ways like one can make a tea of it, add to various dishes or apply on the skin. Since the dosage varies from age to age, on the medical condition of each person, etc.

Therefore, a fixed amount cannot be provided at this time but it is suggested to take 200 to 400 mg of its extract is enough to show the results.

Specifically, to improve one’s memory power and thinking skills, it should be taken 200-300 mg once in a day on a regular basis up to 12 weeks.

For the treatment of COPD, it should be taken in 100 mg to 5 gm in three slots daily for about 3 months. Its use should be avoided during pregnancy because it may harm the baby.

Breastfeeding women are too prohibited to use it or should consult the doctor before using it.

Some of the top and famous Panax ginseng supplements include Auragin Korean Ginseng, Nature’s Way Korean Ginseng, Pure Encapsulation ms Panax Ginseng, etc.

I would strongly recommend going for these supplements as they are well known for their faster results.

Side- Effects

Finally, the most awaited question, is this supplement free from side effects? No, obviously not. No supplements, which are add-on in our life, are free of side effects.

Panax ginseng also causes some side effects which can be avoided by proper use of it. Any product shows the side effects only in two conditions. One is when it is taken in more than the amount recommended.

Second, when it is taken for a longer duration even it is meant to take for a shorter period.

It causes side effects like irregular menstrual cycles, increased heart rate, dizziness, mood swings, headaches, breast pain, digestive problems and insomnia.

It causes allergies conditions like itching, redness, etc.  Panax Ginseng may lead to worsening the condition in people diagnosed with diabetes when taken in higher dosage. People with bleeding or clotting problems should avoid its use.

Wrap Up

This article was meant to provide you with all the necessary information about Panax ginseng, which is used as a supplement to deal with fatigue, low energy, low libido and many other problems.

We looked at its benefits, dosage and side effects. However, it causes mild side effects but to keep oneself on the safer side, always take it within the amount that is written on the product labels.

It is a popular supplement among people engaged in high-energy work out like bodybuilders, athletes, etc. Nowadays, common people are also using it as their energy booster to perform workouts for longer hours. Panax ginseng ensures both physical and mental wellness.

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