Prime Male Reviews – Does This Testosterone Booster Work Or A Scam ?

prime male both boxAre you looking for Prime male reviews ? If Yes ! Then, you have landed on the right place. This Prime Male review is an account of my personal journey. 

Here I have talked about how I used Prime Male as a natural testosterone booster.

I have also listed some of the steps that I have taken during this cycle to improve my over all muscle building techniques.

Prime Male has been marketed as one of the major player when it comes to gaining natural testosterone levels. Their usage of natural ingredients and research has helped number of body builders achieve the ideal testosterone levels required.

Personally speaking, I chose Prime Male because of its all natural ingredients. No side effects and quick results.

All these points were major positives when I compared Prime Male with other testosterone boosters. Also, there have been number of side effects with other boosters and in some cases it leads to damage in internal organs.

For me it proved to be hugely beneficial in building lean muscle, increasing my libido, shedding excess weight, improving my cardiovascular health, improving my mood and also increasing my concentration levels.

This was just a sneak peek into the actual post. I have shared each and every detail that I noticed inside me and also measure taken to enhance the effectiveness of Prime Male. Hence, you should read the full Prime Male review which will clear all your doubts.

Prime Male is a substance researched, developed and marketed by a UK based company Prime Male.

It is a natural testosterone booster which is recommended for people having low testosterone levels.

There were no side effects reported by any of the consumers of Prime Male. That is the reason it has gained huge popularity amongst body builders.

As they are the one who always keep looking for natural body building methods. Also, the results are really quick.

Number of people have reported that they start noticing the desired changes from the later part of the first week itself.

Importance Of Testosterone

Everything related to a man’s health and external aspects are some way or the other dependent on testosterone levels with in the body.

From hair loss to low libido to improper muscle growth to loss of concentration, these are some of the few problems that happen due to low levels of testosterone.

testosterone structure


You may refer to this article for all the detailed analysis on how exactly testosterone affects men.

When it comes to body building, the levels of testosterone become even more essential. This is so because the muscle growth, energy levels, weight loss and loss of concentration could be easily altered by increasing the testosterone levels.

Also, it has been reported in multiple researches that men start to lose their testosterone levels post teen.

Hence, it becomes all the more important to take the levels of testosterone back to normal or to the levels at which they were when you were a teen.

How Prime Male Works ?

The working procedure of Prime Male is pretty simple. This substance stimulates gonads (testes in men and ovaries in women) and adrenal glands to produce more testosterone.

Since, this is how testosterone was produced in the teenage time and also prior to that age. This process of testosterone production is completely normal and natural.

Then main credit that needs to be given for accurate and impactful performance of Prime Male should go to it its all natural ingredients. Since, these are extracted from mother nature, hence you cannot expect any side effect in this case.

Also, these ingredients will make sure that if there is any other abnormality present in your body, that is causing hindrance in testosterone creation. Those abnormalities are corrected so that the natural phase of testosterone creation could begin.

In totality, you could say that it will allow the increase in testosterone levels in a positive manner. And all this would be done without compromising your health and will be done naturally.

Ingridents - Prime Male

These are the powerhouse substances which are responsible for the success of Prime Male.

With all the natural ingredients involved in the production, you need not worry about any of the side effects.


D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)

D-Aspartic acid is an amino acid. These amino acid are responsible for secreting a hormone in the brain which is indirectly responsible for testosterone creation within the body. This is a complete natural substance and could boost fertility in men as well.

Bio Perine

It is a natural black pepper extract. It boosts immunity and enables the body to absorb more nutrients from the food that we consume on the day-to-day basis.


It is a nutrient found in the earth's crust just like salt. It is mainly responsible for boosting male sex hormones and testosterone level as well. Boron also has positive impacts on inflammation, blood plasma.

Korean Red Ginseng

It is a short Chinese plant with fleshy roots. It is responsible for boosting immunity, increasing energy levels and revival of internal cells. Ginseng also directly enhances sexual abilities of men. All performance related issues are taken care by Ginseng.


This one is responsible for blocking the production of oestrogen and progesterone. These are anti testosterone hormones. Hence, by blocking these hormones, it protects wastage of testosterone.


It is one of the most important substance on the earth. It is one of the main constituents in the plants. Magnesium lowers the process of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Hence, the availability of testosterone is increased for other body functions.

Mucuna Prurien

Mucuna Prurien seeds are amazing gift to mankind by the mother earth. It has high concentration of amino acid levadopa (L-Dopa). This one is indirectly responsible for production of testosterone levels.

Nettle Root

It is again extracted from the nature. It provides the all important immunity from the external sources. Hence, that amount of testosterone is used in producing quality muscle. It binds with SHBG, as a result testosterone is left free for the process of muscle growth.

Vitamin B6

This highest concentration is extracted from seeds and nuts. It is indirectly responsible for improved blood flow within the body. It enables the blood to absorb more zinc and magnesium which are responsible for testosterone production.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is one of the most neglected vitamins. That is the reason60-70% of people are deficient of this vitamin. This is the vitamin which could be taken freely in the form of sunlight. But still people are not willing to do the same.

Vitamin K2

This is the vitamin responsible for activating protein. K2 also promotes bone density and makes sure that there is no or less calcium deposition in blood and in kidneys. Indirectly it helps in blood circulation of testosterone.


Just like magnesium, zinc is also essential in absorption of nutrients. It promotes antioxidants. Hence, your body is able to work actively in removing free radicals. It also promotes testosterone growth and helps in erectile dysfunction.

Prime Male - Dosage Information

Personally speaking, I like to test every substance initially by taking a very minute quantity. This step assures me that my body does not show any side effect when I consume that particular substance,

Prime Male was no exception. As a result I took Prime Male capsule every alternate day for the first week.

Towards the later part of first week, I started feeling really energized. There was a great rush of energy within my body, and I was feeling like I am reliving my initial 20s.

As a result, I shifted myself to the standard dosage of 1 capsule per day from the second week.

I also made sure that I underwent a full body check up before starting this dosage cycle. Also, I took a green signal from my nutritionist as well.

She was even more cheerful of me taking Prime Male because it was her idea. That I start this dosage cycle and finally I was doing so.


Prime Male For Sale

As mentioned earlier, Prime Male is only researched and produced by Prime Male company. There are no external vendors for this one.

Hence, you should never look for anyone else other than Prime Male Official website.

I personally took 4 month supply package. As I was getting 1 pack extra, free of cost.


prime male box
  • Boost In Testosterone
  • Enhanced Energy
  • Strength Multiplier
  • Helps In Weight Loss
  • Promotes Stronger Bones
  • Elevated Mood
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