Top 10 Workouts To Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Low Testosterone levels can have some negative effects on your sex drive, can decrease your body’s muscles mass, affect the mental health and can have some other side effects. Naturally, when a man reaches 30 years of age, the levels of Testosterone present in the body starts decreasing naturally and the process speeds up after a man turns 50.

Many people who want to improve their physique or want to gain muscle mass often look for ways so that they can increase their body’s amount of lean muscle mass and many a times these people often resort to artificial methods of Testosterone production which does more harm that the good it does.

However, there are many other ways which can be used to increase the production of Testosterone which are completely natural which means that you will no longer have to inject these testosterone boosting supplements in your body. 

You can either consume supplements which contain natural ingredients so that the side effects can be eliminated or you can follow a simple workout plan and improve your eating habits.

Many people do not know the fact that Testosterone and Exercises are linked to each other because high levels of Testosterone helps a person during his exercise routine and various exercises performed during the session might increase the levels of Testosterone naturally in the body. 

Exercise which involves a larger group of muscles in our body is more effective in increasing the Testosterone levels. Some of the best exercises for the same purpose are: Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Pullups, Chinups, Pushups, Rows and Overhead Presses.

These exercises are often very effective because they make use of a greater amount of muscle mass in the process and an important factor in the release and production of Testosterone is the amount of muscle mass involved in the exercise. 

Health experts believe that to maximize the benefits from these exercises and to optimize the production of Testosterone, one should have a full body workout session at least 3 times a week.

When you perform resistance training, your body produces Testosterone naturally as a response to the resistance training you did. This not only helps in promoting the growth of new tissues in muscles but it also helps in repairing the damage caused to our muscles during the exercise routine. 

If you perform heavy resistance training, your body’s testosterone levels will be elevated right after the workout. Health experts believe that resistance training can help in increasing the level of various cell receptors which promote the growth of various muscle proteins when they combine with Testosterone.


The exercise which aims at involving all the major muscles in your body like hip hinges, squats, pushups, pull ups etc helps in the production of Testosterone. For maximum benefits, you should always try to lift heavy weights.

One should always perform these full body workouts only three times a week and have a rest day after every workout. You should train ideally on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that your weekends can be your rest days and you can get ample amounts of rest.

For some exercise, you should try to perform supersets which means that you should perform the second set of the same exercise right after you have completed your first rep of the exercise.

You can add a bit of variety to your workout by performing variations of Squats and Deadlifts. In case of deadlifts, you can either perform the conventional deadlifts, or sumo deadlift, suitcase deadlift, deficit deadlift or the Romanian deadlift. 

In case of squats you can either perform the front squats or the back squats and you can alternate them with the safety bar squats.

For deadlifts and back squats, you should continue your training with nearly 80% of your maximum repetition’s weight and for other exercises such as bench press, shoulder presses or bent over rows, one should exercise with approximately 70% of their maximum 1 repetition weight.

Top 10 Exercises To Boost Testosterone Levels

The exercise we will be discussing in the following article falls under two different categories namely: Compound Exercise and Supporting Exercises. These exercises will not only help you in increasing your strength but you will also be witnessing an increase in your body’s muscle mass.

Compound Exercises

These exercises not only involve different muscle groups but also involve many different joints. These exercises not only help in increasing the level of Testosterone in our body naturally but they also help in building the muscles as well as increasing the strength of our muscles. The first five exercises discussed in this article are compound exercises.

Supporting Exercises

These supporting exercises are somewhat similar to the compound exercise but with some variations because unlike compound exercise, these exercises target specific muscle groups. When these exercises are combined with Compound Exercises, you can witness some great gains in the levels of Testosterone in the body.

  1. Deadlifts

    All hail the king. Deadlifts are considered to be the King amongst all the other exercises because of the numerous benefits associated with Deadlifts and also because while performing deadlifts, you engage nearly every muscle group in your body.

    It helps in increasing our strength, our power and it also increases our hormones. Deadlifts can safely be considered the best exercise if you want to boost your body’s testosterone levels. Following are some tips on performing Deadlifts:

    • Place your feet in the middle of the bar.
    • You should bend your knees a little while you are lowering down your torso to grab the bar.
    • Always have a firm grip while grabbing the bar.
    • Inhale while you are lowering down your torso and tighten up your body.
    • Always make it a point to pull with your hamstrings while you are pulling back your shoulders.
    • Never ever try to round your back.
    • Always stand straight with the bar and never try to hyperextend your back while you are still lifting heavy weights.
    • Lower the weight down in the exact same way you lifted it up.


  2. Squats

    If you are looking for a great full body workout plan and you have not included Squats, your workout is incomplete. If any exercise can give competition to Deadlifts for the number one spot, it is Squats. This article clearly states that just like Deadlifts, Squats too are effective in naturally increasing the level of Testosterone in our body. If you are looking forward to building an amazing physique, all you need to do is add Squats to your workout.

    Here are some tips on performing Squats correctly:

    • Always place the bar on your lower straps and have a firm grip while holding it.
    • Always stand with your feet apart from each other about shoulder’s length and make sure your feets are slightly pointing outwards.
    • Just like performing deadlifts, keep your body tight and inhale while going down.
    • No matter what, never ever round your back at any point of performing squats as it might lead to some serious and even deadly injuries.
    • While coming up, try to push your legs forward as it will provide you with more power while performing the lift.

  3. Bench Press

    The trio of Bench Press, Deadlifts and Squats is considered to be the best exercise ever and it can be proved by the fact that almost all major powerlifting competitions involve these three basic exercises only. Walk into a gym and you will certainly hear some questions like “ Hey, what is your maximum bench?”, “How much can you bench?”, “What is your max?” almost all the time.

    Many people often misunderstand Bench Press as the measurement of the overall strength of an individual. But this is just a misconception because just like the above two exercises, Bench Presses are also compound exercises which can help in producing Testosterone naturally in our body. Following are some of the tips on Bench Press:

    • While you are laying on the bench, always place your hands and grab the bar with your hands apart about shoulder width.
    • Place your feet firmly on the ground.
    • You can slightly arch your back but it’s not a mandatory step.
    • While lowering the wright down, try to lower it down towards your chest and always be in control of the weight.
    • Power the weight explosively on the way back up.
    • You can pause a little after you have lowered down the weight and before lifting the weight up because it is the process which is usually followed in competitions where you have to rest the weight on or just above your chest for 1 or 2 seconds.

    Bench Press

  4. Bent Over Rows

    Bent Over Rows contain a variety of exercises which you can perform. Barbell rows are considered to be one of the best exercises for your upper chest and upper body muscles because the gains obtained from this is the maximum amongst all the other exercises. In our body, our back muscles are way larger than the muscles present in our chest.

    Thus, you should pay the same attention and focus to barbell rows as you do to bench press. Following are some tips related to barbell rows:

    • You should ideally use a squat rack for barbell rows so that you can grab the bar at about the height of your waist.
    • Always have a firm grip while gripping the bar and maintain your wrists at about shoulder width. You can use wrist wraps if the need arises.
    • Bend your knees just a little without rounding your back.
    • Pull up the bar towards your stomach area so that you can get a good amount of contraction in the muscles present in your back.
    • While being in control of the weight, slowly and gradually lower the weight down.

    Bent Over Rows

  5. Overhead Press

    Wrapping up the compound exercises you can perform to increase your testosterone levels, we have the Overhead Presses. This exercise is one of the best exercises because you are performing resistance training against the brute force of the weight pulled by gravity. This exercise can be performed while you are sitting or standing and you can even alternate this.

    Following are some tips related to overhead presses:

    • Your starting position should be your bar in front of you placed directly on your upper chest.
    • Try to press up the weight directly above your head in a single motion.
    • Tuck your head below the bar as soon as it goes above your head. This step will allow you to prevent performing Inclined Bench Press instead of Overhead Press.
    • Lower down the weight slowly while still being in control of the weight.

    Overhead Press

  6. Dumbbell Rows

    Dumbbell rows are one of the best supporting exercises and this exercise targets your lats. It is a great exercise for boosting testosterone levels naturally because pulling the weight against gravity towards your torso from the floor. Following are some tips related to Dumbbell Rows:

    • You can support your body by placing one of your hands on any sturdy object like a bench.
    • Grab the dumbbell placed on the floor with your free hand.
    • Slightly arch your back without rounding it.
    • Always keep your elbow close to your body while pulling up the dumbbell.
    • Lower down the weight while being in control of the weight until your arm is fully extended.

    Dumbbell Rows

  7. Incline Bench Press

    The incline bench press is one of the best exercises which will help in training the muscles present in your upper chest. This exercise is considered to be the best exercise to start your bodybuilding career with.

    The tips for performing Incline Bench Press are nearly same as those of Bench Press but here are some additional points:

    • While bringing your down, try to keep the bar close to your upper chest and not the middle or lower part of the chest.
    • You should be able to focus mentally while working your upper chest muscles throughout the set.
    • It is not mandatory to make the bar touch your chest, you can even stop about half an inch above your chest. This will help you maintain tension in your chest.

    Incline Bench Press

  8. Leg Press

    A lot of gym goers do want to train their legs and as a result, most of these people often perform the Leg Press wrong. BUt when the exercise is performed with the right technique, this exercise has got the ability to shoot up your testosterone levels and also increase the strength of your legs. Leg press can help you increase the amount of your core lifts. Following are some tips on performing the Leg Press:

    • You should practice with light weights and increase the weight only when you have learnt the right technique.
    • Try different placements of feet on the press and proceed with the placement which feels most natural to you. However, fitness experts believe that for optimum results place your legs about shoulder width apart.
    • You should lower the weight down to the point where your knees are at an angle of 90 degrees.
    • Never ever lock your legs during leg press because it will put a lot of pressure on your legs which might cause some injuries.

    Leg Press

  9. Dumbbell Press

    There are a lot of variations of the dumbbell press. Many gym goers think that only dumbbell bench presses can be performed but you can also perform the Incline Dumbbell Press or the Seated Dumbbell Press which will train your shoulder muscles.

    Performing Dumbbell Press helps you increase your performance in other exercises like Bench Press and Overhead Presses. This exercise thus works like testosterone boosters.
    The tips for performing Dumbbell Press are the same for performing the Bench Press.
    Dumbbell Press

  10. Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

    Stiff-Leg Deadlifts is a supporting exercise which helps you while performing compound exercises such as Conventional Deadlifts and Squats. Performing Stiff-Leg Deadlifts can help you train your core, hamstrings and lower back muscles.

    A few tips for performing Stiff_-Leg Deadlifts are:

    • No matter what happens, never ever round your back. Period.
    • Lower the weight very slowly while being in control of it and let the bar slide along the front part of your legs.
    • Try to involve your hamstrings while pulling the weight back to the starting position.

    Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

Bonus Exercise: Pushups

If you were searching for push ups for so long on the list, you finally have it here. It would have had been a crime to not include push ups on this list because Pushups are one of the best exercises and should be performed by almost everyone because it trains nearly every muscle in our body and it can be performed almost anywhere at any point of time because you do not require any weights or equipment for the workout. It is one of the best exercises for increasing the level of Testosterone and also increases the strength of our arms.

Following are some tips while performing Push Ups:

  • Place your hands on the floor. Try your best to place them about shoulder width apart. Now keep your abs braced together and try to maintain your body straight. Keep lowering down your body until your chest is just about an inch above the floor.
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