TurinaBol – Why It Is Not Recommended For Body Building ?

Turinabol is usually an anabolic steroid, it is consumed orally unlike any other androgenic anabolic steroids those being injected. You know it also called as Oral Turinabol Or TBol.  

Turinabol is the brand name of Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, abbreviated as CDMT which is an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS). In some countries like UK, it is a prescribed drug for the oral steroid.

The point is, it is available in the US black market as it is listed as a schedule III drug or supplement. Comparatively, other anabolic steroids have half-life of sixteen hours.

As it is metabolized by liver and because of its high bioavailability, the turinabol has become very popular amidst sportsperson (athletes), body builders and fitness persons.

Because of its notable bodybuilding benefits, it is quite popular among the professional weightlifters, body builders, sport persons and fitness freaks. 

Even the noncompeting body builders are taking this turinabol around many countries as it reflects exceptionally safe and quick results for body shaping.

turinabol review

When the Dianabol or Methandrostenolone is combined with Clostebol or 4-chlorotestosterone’s modified version then the outcome is Tbol or Turinabol. In comparison to Dianabol, the Turinabol anabolic steroid is a milder hormone. 

Like any other anabolic steroids it reduces the water retention in the cells and hence develops muscle mass, also it reduces the bloating which helps the muscles looks perfect sculpted.

Usually, it is fine to take steroid only during cutting phase, whereas few people take it during bulking to avoid fat build up and enhance vascularity but reducing water retention for an extreme level is not advisable.

The point to be noted is that anyone should understand the cycle properly and choose the right course and dosage of the tbol.

Benefits of Turinabol

To be very honest with you, benefits of TBol are nowhere comparable with its long term side effects. However, it still has short-term benefits which are listed down below.

Boosting the Muscle Growth

An athletic performance is reliable on the strength  which in turn the strength can be obtained from greater and bigger muscles. As Turinabol is like Dianabol but it is effective as bulking agent. As a result of this steroid, many people have gained 30 pounds. But the astounding factor is some have enjoyed gaining 20-pound muscle mass.

Effective for the Cutting Cycle

Turinabol is something that can be used not just during the bulking cycle but can also be used during the cutting cycle As when you are trying to reduce the body fat that has been gained when you bulked up, also when trying to retain the muscles that you gained during the bulking phase. It is because Turinabol plays a vital role in helping your metabolism. As the body burns up the calories more quickly so the body has the capacity to switch the fat cells to fuel the workout efforts during the cutting cycle. Unlike other steroids, the turinabol acts as versatile steroid, which can be used for both bulking and cutting.

Oral Bio-availability

Interestingly, Turinabol is a great relief for many people as many other steroids can only be taken by injecting them. Injecting Steroids is illegal and cause medical consequences. Injecting a steroid may results in abrupt bioavailability and severe reactions. Turinabol came as the biggest solution for the mentioned risk as it can be just popped as a pill and you are good to go.

Prevent from Gynecomastia

As the turinabol produces less testosterone it doesn’t convert to estrogen, the gynecomastia (man-boobs) is very low, hence hormonal imbalance causing gynecomastia is unlikely. Even tbol burns the fat, man-boobs forming due to fat deposit is also improbable.

Major Side-Effects of Turinabol

When a product has its pro eventually cons come with it.

So, let’s see the side effects of using Tbol

Liver Toxicity

You know the common side effect of any steroid that is consumed is the liver toxicity. In fact, yes Turinabol is least hepatotoxic among any anabolic steroids but still it is possible that it could cause liver damage. As this side effect was well predicted even before it was produced as the initial manufacture’s pamphlets suggested for the regular liver tests. The liver damage depends upon the dosage. The level of liver damage and turinabol dosage are proportional.

Mood swings

Turinabol, just like alcohol it can affect your moods. Mood swings is the most common side effect of any steroids what not Tbol is also no exception for this rule. All this mood swings are all because of the hormone as the steroids are expected affect them. you will be become more aggressive and irritable just like few drunkards.

Oily skin

Even though the turinabol is comparatively less androgenic than other anabolic steroids, it also causes androgenic side effects. The side effects are caused because of the higher doses or may be if you are specifically sensitive to this type. Turinabol increases the secretion of Sebum which causes the oily skin that in turn lead to severe acne.

Other side effects

The most other androgenic side effects are male pattern baldness and unwanted hair growth in the body especially on your back.

Other Side-Effects Of TurinaBol

Turinabol is a compound which is not at all recommended to consume as it can lead to other side-effects as well, apart from those mentioned above.

Turinabol could also create hormonal imbalances which can cause rashes, acne and other skin problems. You may also experience hair-loss.

FDA has also adviced, such products could make your health at greater risks. You should better opt for some natural alternatives to steroids and build your muscles with proper diet and training.

Legal Alternative To Turinabol

My body building experience do not allow me to recommend Turinabol to anyone. TBol has some serious adverse effects and most of all it is illegal to posses. 

Instead you can go for D-BAL that is one of the legal steroids from CrazyBulk. 

The Final Verdict

Turinabol is not at all advisable for normal bodybuilding. it is illegal and will results long term body illness on daily consumption. so finally, I can say this for sure that TBol is not a supplement for regular use. 

Take your trainers instruction before going for any supplement. Most importantly it is not advisable for Pregnant and breastfeeding or nursing women.

 Despite the pros and cons, choose right and use right….

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