Winsol Review – Sharing My Journey [Insane Results😲]

Winsol helped me in my cutting cycle. It was not only a boost in saving my lean muscle mass during cutting cycle. But also promoted quality muscle growth.

I personally can say that, Winsol is the one of the safest legal steroid that I have ever used for cutting cycle.


Same is the case with the body builders from all over the world. In recent times Winsol has become a go-to substance when it comes to molding your body into a perfect shaped one.

Initially, when I decided to lose the extra pound. I did not believe in any type of steroidal intake for cutting cycle.

I tried restricting my diet, working harder in the gym, giving more number of reps to each exercise. Ultimately, I was giving my extra effort towards loosing that fat from my muscles.

The result of all these things was just a big zero. Over and above that, I was constantly loosing my hard gained lean muscle mass.

This was the time when I ultimately turned towards Winsol. As this was suggested by my gym buddies. They had already tried this product and had no side effects.

Hence, in this article I am going to share my personal experiences that I had during this Winsol cycle. Also, I will list down all the exact steps and measures that I took during the Winsol cycle.

Winsol is one of the best, safe, legal and side effect free alternative of Winstrol (Stanozolol).

Earlier when, Winstrol was introduced to the bodybuilding world. Everyone of was going gaga about the performance boosting, strength upgrading and cutting capacities of Winstrol.

winsol results - review

Little did anyone knew about the side effects and outcomes after the dosage cycle was over. These side effects were pretty common in the consumers of Winstrol.

This is where crazybulk stepped in. They researched, developed and marketed their own version of Winstrol, it was named as Winsol.

In current situations, Winsol is famous for its cutting cycle consumption. It is used by bodybuilders and athletes worldwide.

During cutting cycle, it helps in retaining lean muscle, promote quality muscle growth. Also, helps in maintaining an awesome beach physique.

This is a safe and legal steroid for both, men and women. Hence, pretty much anyone would be able to use it for a cutting cycle.

Working Procedure Of Winsol.

Winsol is completely natural and 100 % safe when it comes to steroidal cycle.

Many body building professionals and even athletes take this substance to lose their extra fat off the body.

One of the essential change that Winsol brings to your body is to close the water retention capacity of your muscles.

This becomes really very essential as water retention makes your muscle fluffy and as result of which the accumulated fat remains present in the muscles even after heavy workout schedules.

This is so because, with every exercise your body will lose water but as you will drink water once again as the day progresses. All the water that was lost during the workout is restored in the muscles.

For this very reason, reducing the water retention capacity of water becomes an essential step.

Once, the water from your body is reduced. All you will be left with are good, juicy muscles. And as you proceed and continue with your workouts. Your muscles will become lean and stronger day by day.

Why Winsol ?

This was one of the questions that was always in my head until I started with the consumption cycle.

  • Safe & Legal - All the ingredients involved in the production of 100% natural and are extracted from nature. Hence, there is absolutely no side effect.
  • Preserves lean Muscle Mass - One of the top most reason why I choose Winsol over other cutting substances is its capacity to protect lean muscle mass from getting reduced during the cutting cycle.
  • Quick Results - Winsol is hugely popular because of its quick results. You will be able to notice changes within your body from the later part of first week consumption cycle itself.
  • Supports Overall Body Growth - I personally felt a boost in my energy levels, higher metabolism within my body along with an increased levels of agility.
  • Free Worldwide Delivery - This is probably the last thing that I look for in a substance before subscribing to it.

Winsol Ingredients

With all the natural constituents, Winsol could just be amazing addition to your health supplements kit.

winsol ingredietns

This is one of the main constituents of Winsol. It is natural form of amino acid. Usually they are essential for building quality protein.

Since they are regarded as the building blocks of protein.

But Acetyl-L-Carnitine and acetyl-L are not those amino acids. They are responsible for burning fat within the body.

Energy is produced by the body with the help of acetyl-L. This energy is important for oxygenated blood circulation which ultimately helps heart, brain, muscle movements etc.

Choline is responsible for increasing the metabolism of the body.  Also, Choline is required by all species to produce acetylcholine.

This is ultimately responsible for maintaining structural integrity of the cell membranes within the body.

Choline is produced by the liver of the human body. But the amount that is actually required, is way too large. Hence, it is generally advised to go for a Choline supplement.

For more information on Choline, you may visit this web page.

Wild Yam is an ancient herb. Also known as twining tuberous vine. It is a natural substance that could be used as natural substitute of estrogen therapy.

Since it is a natural substance, there are absolutely zero side effects.

It is also used for increasing the bone density and boosting the sexual desires in men and women.

DMAE is another natural substance used in Winsol. This helps in improving your mood and also increasing the concentration levels.

It could be taken from fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, and anchovies.  But the human body is not able to absorb most of it.

Hence, physicians recommend that you take it in the supplement form where the levels of DMAE is high.

The improvement in the performance after Winsol consumption is due to DMAE. It also serves as an energy booster as it reduces any type of hyper activity.

One of the essential additions to Winsol constituents is Safflower.

It is used for many purposes. It could be used to enhance the vascularity within your body. Used for hair growth and the most important use is weight loss.

It also helps in lowering the level of ow-density lipoprotein. Also, effective for patients of high blood pressure. Since it is naturally found. Hence, no side effects could be seen.

My Personal Take On Winsol

My main aim before I started Winsol consumption was to reduce my body fat.

For quite sometime, I was not able concentrate on my diet. I was just busy with my work and gym schedule. Hence, I was basically eating anything and everything.

This resulted me in gaining 10-12 lbs of extra weight. A point came, when it started looking a little ugly. Even though I was hitting gym on regular basis but I had that extra amount of fat accumulated.

This hit me hard and instantly I decided to follow a natural diet to reduce my fat. But after a month of dieting, I realized I did  not even lose a pound of fat weight.

It was at this point of time, I decided to take some external help from Winsol and try reducing my weight.

Personally, I was really very satisfied from the first week itself. I found myself losing the extra fat that was accumulated and also there was a quality muscle growth within my body.

This made me gain my lost confidence and I felt pretty awesome.


Dosage Information - Winsol

I personally started very slow. As I was not too sure about the results of Winsol. But to my surprise, I was able to notice changes from the first week itself.

I started my dosage cycle with 2 capsules per day.

After first week when I did not notice any side effects and a start to an amazing fat loss journey, I increased my dosage to 3 capsules per day from the second week.

You can follow the same pattern, if you are taking Winsol for the first time.

Winsol For Sale

Since, Winsol is originally researched, developed and marketed by Crazubulk.

They are the only authorized vendors present in the market. If you find another vendor selling Winsol, then you probably should be careful.

They might be trying to sell you some junk stuff.

Or they might be trying to sell you Winstrol, which has number of side effects involved.

Hence, when it comes to Winsol, you should always purchase it from Crazybulk. They will also provide you third bottle absolutely free, when you are ordering a pack of two bottles.

Also, there is a free delivery for Winsol all over the world.

Winsol Review

  • Strength
  • Boosts Performance
  • Build Dream Physique
  • Used In Cutting
  • Lean Muscle Mass Retention
  • Powerful Muscles
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