Zinc Oxide – Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

Zinc could be consumed in various combinations. One of the most common combinations is of Zinc Oxide which is obtained from combining Zinc with the Calamine mineral. There are a lot of potential health benefits associated with Zinc Oxide.

Zinc oxide is considered to be one of the most important elements for the overall health and well-being of average humans. It is also used as an ingredients in various sexual wellness supplements.

When our body is suffering from Zinc Deficit, we might witness some negative effects on our body, like loss of appetite, our sense of smell and taste may be affected negatively and our wounds would take a much longer time to heal. It’s deficiency in pregnant women is also known to cause some birth defects in the unborn babies or fetus.

However, just like a deficiency of Zinc is dangerous, it is dangerous to overdose on zinc as well as it might interfere in the natural absorption of minerals such as Magnesium and Iron in our bloodstream. So one should always maintain the levels of Zinc recommended in our body.

I would be discussing everything in this post. Hence, if you are looking for amazing information on zinc oxide, read this article till the end.


Zinc Oxide which is a chemical compound has now been in use for a very long time and it is used for various health purposes mainly treating various skin conditions. Zinc Oxide can be used as a medicine to treat various issues related to the skin such as burns, wounds, irritations and it also protects your skin from the damage caused by the rays of the sun.

The benefits Zinc Oxide has on our skin have been proved all around the world and is even approved by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) to be used as an element in sunscreens. Zinc Oxide also finds its uses in various other creams and ointments which can then be used to avoid or cure conditions such as irritation of the skin or skin burns. Zinc Oxide is not poisonous which means that you won’t suffer from any problems even if you swallow it accidentally.

However, the gas which is released during the manufacturing process of Zinc Oxide is harmful and it is known to cause various side effects upon inhaling such as headaches, nausea, fever and pain in the chests. Zinc Oxide can not be found in a natural state and it has to be manufactured using artificial processes. It is formed when zinc that has been mined is purified by using the process of distillation.

When you apply sunscreen or ointments which contain Zinc Oxide, the Zinc Oxide mineral sits on the outer surface of our skin which protects our skin from the absorption, scattering and even blocks the harmful UV radiations of the sun. Thus, it protects the deeper layers of our skin. Zinc Oxide in the form of white powder is insoluble in water and is called ZnO. It is used a lot in the manufacturing process of products like rubbers, plastics, ceramics and glass.

Kind Of Zinc Oxides

  1. Cream

    Zinc Oxide is used most widely in various creams and helps in providing relief from various skin issues such as irritation, itching, burns, wounds and even ulcers.

  2. Ointment

    Zinc Oxide used in ointments have almost the same benefits as that of cream. It contains ointments that are used to provide relief from Diaper rashes and some other similar conditions.

  3. Spray

    Zinc Oxide when used in sprays is used for the purpose of regenerating and even healing your skin.

Benefits Of Zinc Oxide On Skin

There are numerous benefits of Zinc Oxide and in this article we will be discussing some of the best and most important benefits:

  1. Prevents Sunburn

    Who doesn’t love outdoor activities? But staying outdoor for prolonged periods of time especially in Summers when the temperatures are elevated can cause some issues for your skin most commonly sunburns and rashes. In case of Sunburns, the area of your skin turns red and it often feels warm. If you apply a Zinc Oxide based cream before heading out, you can prevent conditions such as skin burns.

  2. Treat wounds and Ulcers

    Zinc Oxide provides relief from Ulcers and it helps wounds to heal faster.

  3. Prevents Acne

    Acne is one of the most common skin problems which a lot of people suffer from and it usually occurs on the face. It is not a very serious problem but it surely can be very discomforting and irritating. Applying Zinc Oxide based ointments and creams can help in treating acne.

  4. Shrink Pores

    Acne grow easily on skin with wide pores. Using creams containing Zinc Oxide regularly for sometime can help in shrinking these pores.

  1. For the body

    Zinc Oxide plays a very important role in our body as when consumed as a part of our diet it helps in repairing the damages caused to our tissues. It also has got some anti-inflammatory properties.

  2. For hair

    Zinc Oxide helps our hair get stronger than before. It also helps in providing relief from dandruff and it also prevents hair fall.

  3. For men

    Zinc Oxide can be an answer to the problems of men suffering from various sexual problems because ZInc Oxide is known to increase the levels of Testosterone in the body and therefore it is used in various male enhancement pills. It also helps in increasing the fertility and quality of semen.

Other Benefits

  • Treats rosacea
  • Remove Psoriasis
  • Fights against Eczema
  • Reduces wrinkles on the skin
  • Helps reducing Dandruff
  • Protects skin from Harmful UV rays of sun
  • Heals our skin
  • Treats cold sores
  • Helps in the treatment of Diaper Rash
  • Helps in providing relief from Melasma
Zinc Oxide

Zinc Dosage Recommendations

One should always be careful about the dosage of Zinc OXide because when taken in appropriate amounts, Zinc Oxide is very beneficial but overdosing on Zinc OXide can result in some serious side effects. When used in Ointments and Creams, Zinc Oxide can be used by about 30%.

Probable Side Effects From Zinc

There are no major side effects related to the use of Zinc Oxide but it might cause some tingling sensations or swelling in some people. People who have a sensitive skin should always consult with their doctors before starting the use of any product containing Zinc Oxide.

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