Stenabolic Review – Read This Before Buying SR9009 !

SR9009 is famously known as Stenabolic SARM. Stenabolic was a research and an experimental drug which later proved to be an exceptional energy and stamina boosting compound.

SR9009 is commonly referred as a SARM which is quite confusing as it do not actually works as androgen receptor modulator instead it work as Hormone and metabolic modulator by performing agonist actions.

For its successful research results, body builder community highly consume this supplement as it do not have any proven side-effects.

You can use SR9009 for quick and stable weight loss as it expedite your metabolism rate and hence help you digest stored fat.

If you are looking for natural and long lasting effect that a supplement can provide then Stenabolic is a must try supplement.

Stenabolic Review

Stenabolic activates Rev-ErbA a group of proteins. SR9009 is used by athletes and body builders for high endurance and muscle gain. It supports accelerated fat loss and abundance of energy.

This complements your exercise and diet so well that during cardio you will feel like having an extra pair of lungs.

By taking this supplement you will be able to work longer without fatigue as compared to other body enhancing compounds.

SR9009 is also known to be an over hyped product as it suddenly got famous in body building market.

So every instructor started recommending this drug to newbies. At the same time this supplement got anti-doping attention as well for its illegal use due to its bioavailability variations.

After months of research and struggle, me along with my gym buddies collected best Stenabolic brands with no ill-effects.

I have used a SR9009 supplement and it worked like a boon for my muscles and weight loss.

In this article, I will review selected beneficial Stenabolic brands and along with this I will share with you the reason why it registered in anti-doping agency’s list.

How Does Stenabolic Works?

Rev-ErbA activated by Stenabolic participates in generation of mitochondria (powerhouse of body cell) in skeletal muscles.

By increasing the count of mitochondria it improves the overall protein levels and functioning of your body.

Its main mechanism is for Circadian rhythm. Our bodies are maintained by Circadian rhythm that works for your sleep-wake cycle, inflammation and metabolism.

Stenabolic, Rev-ErbA agonist increases metabolism and decreases obesity by working 24/7 proved by Government Study.

As soon as you consume SR9009, it controls the gene that supports production of glucose in liver. It do not interfere with any insulin resistance and function.

As a result, your body will start using stored fat for energy and enables you to lose weight quickly.

It possess efficiency for better heart health, chronic obesity, dyslipidemia and stop muscle wastage.

This is widely considered as potential cure medicine compound and is part of many active researches.


What To Expect From SR9009?

During initial days of research on Stenabolic, multiple studies supported its agonist effect for Rev-ErbA. A Government experiment performed on Mice for revealing the endurance and changes introduced by Stenabolic.

The results were shocking as they depicted drastic change in energy and under observation mice exercised more than that twice as of normal mice.

There was a significant increase in metabolism of mice and that resulted weight loss.

Hence it guaranteed same effects on humans as this change was a result of introduction of Stenabolic in circadian rhythm.

So following this body builders use this for instant energy and you can also take the same before hitting to the gym.

As this has half-life of approximate 4 hours, you can take it in multiple dosage. Short half-life do not means less effectiveness instead SR9009 starts its work early as compared to Cardarine which has half-life of 24 hours and stays 24 hours in your body.

You can lose stubborn fat with Stenabolic quickly with less workout as it allows you to burn stored fat.

Plan it with efficient workout and calorie deficit diet for faster results.

Now question arises, when there are so many medical researches that approve goodness of use of stenabolic then what makes Stenabolic consumption illegal?

Simple clearance to your confusion is Stenabolic is not illegal. What makes it illegal is misuse of its bioavailability.

Yes, bioavailability that is studied in a Government research. This research claimed that the bioavailability of Stenabolic in body of mice is 4% which is comparatively low.

It means that consumed drug has effectiveness of only 4%. However, when tested on humans it is proved to have a drug proportion rate of 24% when circulated in body, which is fairly high.

You may find it disappointing that Stenabolic gives 24% bioavailability, but believe me this is effectively high rate and more than enough for you.

This is the safest range of bioavailability when it comes to agonist supplements.

Additionally, dissatisfied with this result body building community and athletes start mixing pure SR9009 powder with DMSO solvent and inject it.

Directly injecting this formula may result in 100% utilization and give you beast energy. This energy will leave you senseless and hyper.

Therefore, it is categorized as illegal dope by World anti-doping agency when detected in blood with 100% bioavailability.

Benefits Of Stenabolic

Muscle Gain

SR9009 is especially work to burst you with energy so that you can work out better. As Stenabolic is a protein agonist it helps building long lasting muscles with protein retention. New mitochondria increases energy and then supervise the stamina and strength. Mitochondria surge also removes fatigue and fuel up your body for next exercise session. Fast recovery of tissues prevent muscle loss and bring chiseled physique. You will get massive pumps and ripped body as part of positive outcome along with weight loss and lean muscle.

Weight Loss

As per its tendency to shut off genes that balance the production of glucose in liver, makes it perfect for weight loss. It works drastically for collected fat which do not melts easily as your body gets continuous glucose source otherwise. In this case Rev-Erb protein use glucose and lipids efficiently and hence accelerate fat loss. Gym sessions will be longer and target fat dilution. Calories deficit diet along with calculated macros results in mind-blowing changes when it comes to cut weight.


Stenabolic increase your metabolism due to excess generation of Mitochondria that provide extra energy. As your Circadian rhythm changes with the use of SR9009 your body works 24/7 and improve metabolism. It means you lose fat even while sleeping and resting and you get lean muscles with less workout.

Overall Health

It is known to improve cardiovascular system and thus heart health. It also controls LDL and increases HDL which help managing cholesterol. It also improves the functioning of Liver. It soothes your mood and control behavioural changes. SR9009 boost your confidence and concentration as it keeps you alert and enhance your metabolism rate by working on your Circadian rhythm.

Top 4 Brands For SR9009 Stenabolic

Proven Peptides

Stenabolic by Proven Peptides is my personal workout booster. It energizes you in a jiffy. I can assure you about the safe results it gives and you can adopt this for long term use.

I have been taking it from past 4 months and it smoothens my workout sessions a lot. I would recommend you all to try 20-30mg dose per day and observe the effects.

SR9009 proven peptides


SR9009 by SARMS4YOU is widely used product. SARMS4YOU is very famous brand for body building supplements.

This Stenabolic is commonly used by every other guy/girl in my gym. It has no side-effects as my girlfriend is using this product for past 3 months with dosage of 10 mg per day.

This product is highly recommended for you as it is legal and easy to receive.

SR9009 sarms4you


Sarms4Sale is a trusted and well-reviewed brand for SR9009. Its 1 mg/ml concentration is approved to deliver positive mood and body changes. You will get chiseled body and sharp cuts.

Half-life of this is 2 hours, so it advised to consume it every 2 hours as per your workout requirements.

SR9009 sarms4sale


TigerSarms by SARMS1 is an amazing body building partner. Each capsule contains 10 mg stenabolic and 2-3 capsules are recommended for daily use atleast for 1.5 months. I can see my buddies having some tremendous body transformations.

You will get the results quickly as compared to other SR9009 as it is available in capsule form. TigerSarms Stenabolic easy to take and absorbed by body when consumed as capsules instead of liquid and powders.

SR9009 Sarms1

The Final Verdict

Stenabolic(SR9009) is often compared to Cardarine(GW501516) for mimicking its effect. However, Stenabolic is very powerful as compared to Cardarine because of its half-life and bioavailability.

So, you should go ahead with the stenabolic as it is medically proven to have no side-effect. Stenabolic gives result in considerable small cycle of consumption. Stack it with other supplements to get marvelous body shape and curves.

It is highly discouraged to take this supplement in form of dope and injection. It is illegal and it will leave your body with some bad after effects.

Endurance & Stamina
Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
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